Optional Paid Tours

(seperate from the conference programme)

How to book a tour:

By email:
You can book the following trips by contacting

By phone:
Phone number: +250 781 710 381

1. This is Africa Tour (Half day)

Departs daily at 08:30 - Returns at ±13:00

Nyamirambo is a bustling multi-cultural commercial suburb of Kigali that offers visitors a typical African flair. Comparable with South Africa’s ‘Township Tours’, our unique ‘This Is Africa’ experience brings you right into the heart of the colours, noises and smells of Africa. We are working with the young and charming women of the Nyamirambo Women’s Center (NWC) to take your hand and guide you through their home area.

Among others, you will experience the Muslim quarter with its Arab influences, the market, the West African tailors, the hair salons, the recording studio with its local rap music, the butcher, the health center and the primary school.

Your hosts will also invite you to one of their homes where you will learn to cook a Rwandan meal, and share lunch over intriguing conversations.

Prices per person: $75/person (1/2 Day) (minimum 4 people required for tour to run)
Included: Guide, transportation, entrance fees, local lunch.

Tour Highlights

  • Introduction at the center in Nyamirambo
  • Culture and language lessons
  • Guided walk through the backstreets of Nyamirambo
  • Visit a West African tailor & hair salon
  • Visit a local market and shop for lunch
  • Cooking lesson & home lunch over intriguing conversations
  • Introduction to Islam in Rwanda
  • Interact with young local musicians
  • Farewell at the center

2. Akagera National Park (Full day)

Departs daily at 05:00 - Returns at ±18:00

Leaving Kigali with Marabou Storks and the Black Kite soaring over the city, set off along the Rwamagana – Kayonza road to the Akagera National Park. You are bound to come across a lot of bird activity along the way. Banana plantations abound with vegetable and fruit markets lining the roads. 

Akagera National Park is approximately two hours from Kigali and set at a relatively low altitude on the border with Tanzania. It is dominated scenically by a labyrinth of swamps and lakes that follow the meandering course of the Akagera River.
Akagera is home to a variety of game. There are plenty of animals around and the birdlife is quite exceptional. 

Mammals include a healthy population of elephant and buffalo, as well as eleven species of antelope including Impala, Common Duiker, Defassa Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Oribi, Tsessebe, Cape Eland and the rare Sable Antelope.

Hippos are present in impressive numbers in the lakes and rivers and zebra and giraffe still roam the more open Acacia dotted plains.
After a full day game viewing drive back to Kigali to arrive late evening.
Prices per person:
US$ 295 (Non Residents)
US$ 225 (EA Citizens) (Minimum 04 pax)

Cost Includes:
- Packed lunch ex Kigali
- Transport to Akagera National Park and back to Kigali.
- Drinking water (supplied in the vehicle)
- Park Guide accompanying group in Akagera National Park
- Park Entry Fee: US$100 per person / or US$30 for EA Citizens

Essentials For The Trip
  • Safari outfits and short sleeved shirt (during the day) 
  • Cap/Hat
  • Camera/ personal camcorder

3. Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park (Full day)

Departs daily at 05:30 - Returns at ±17:30

04:00 Depart Kigali with a packed breakfast and drive to Ruhengeri
±06:40 Arrive at the Volcanoes National Park
07:00 Registration is a simple process where the park staff determines which group of gorillas you will visit

The park staff assesses your fitness level and advises you of the trekking times and conditions to the various groups based upon their location in the park the previous evening. There are a total of 80 gorilla permits available each day with a maximum of eight trekkers visiting any one group. 

Porters may be hired for the trek to carry your backpack and gear at a cost of US$10 per person, per day. We advise that you utilize this service.

Treks vary in duration depending on which gorilla group you are assigned to. After locating your assigned gorilla group, you will spend approximately one hour in their company before heading back down the volcano slopes.

After the trek, rejoin your driver at the trail head.

Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before departing from the foothills of the Virunga volcanoes and driving south through a scenic drive to Kigali past coffee, tea and banana plantations. Rwanda, truly a land of a thousand fertile green hills.

Price per person: (Minimum four pax)
Foreigners - US$1645
African Citizens and residents- US$640 
EA Citizens - US$350

Cost Includes:
- Lunch at a local Restaurant in Musanze (Volcanoes)
- Transport to Volcanoes National Park and back to Kigali.
- Drinking water (supplied in the vehicle)
- Park Guide accompanying group in Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla permits
Foreigners - US$1500 (Foreigner benefit from a 15% discount upon production of conference registration letter)
African Citizens and residents - US$500 
EA Citizens - US$200

Please send an email to events@ufi.org to receive your conference registration letter.
Essentials For The Hike
  • Long pants (jeans/khakis) and a long sleeved shirt 
  • Good well-worn hiking boots
  • Light raincoat
  • Leather gloves (there are stinging nettles in the park)
  • Cap/Hat
  • Camera (no flash)/ personal camcorder
  • Plenty of drinking water
  • Basic first aid kit including plasters
** It is advisable to carry a survival park IE Banana, Apple cookies ETC on the trek.

Gorilla Guidelines
Once inside the forest, the following must be observed:
  • No spitting in the park
  • No littering in the park
  • No coughing in the direction of the gorillas 
  • Only speak in whispers
  • Do not point at the gorillas
  • Movements around the gorillas must be unthreatening
  • No venturing behind thick shrubs. You may surprise a gorilla.
  • If a nettle stings you, do not cry out, scream, shout-out loud or make any sudden moves.
  • If a gorilla charges or vocalises, do not look directly at it. Stand perfectly still unless the guide asks you to crouch or move back.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 7 meters from the gorillas